GPS – Global Positioning System. Developed by the U.S. Military in the 1970’s using 24 satellites to precisely pinpoint any location worldwide. This superior system was released to the public during the 1980’s and has transformed many industries such as Hunting and Fishing. We follow the same principle by creating new and uncompromising designs for the sporting enthusast. We are Wild About Shooting.

With the Innovative Visual I.D. Storage System™

Using our innovative new Patent Pending Visual I.D. Storage System a shooter can quickly identify where a shooting accessory is stored and quickly access it with a minimum of trouble. More fun shooting and less hassle hunting accessories!

Our New G.P.S. Wild About Shooting® series of bags and cases feature a well thought out storage system for the gun enthusiast. Separate pockets store your most frequently used items for their protection and easy retrieval. We have designed this new series of bags and cases around our new patent pending Visual I.D. Storage System™ that helps the shooter quickly access Shooting Glasses, Ear Plugs, Ear Muffs, Tools, Binoculars, Cleaning items and much more. Each specifc series of these new bags and cases are tailored to the ShotgunHandgun or Long gun shooter for their specifc needs.

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