Double Pistol Case

Double Pistol Case

Our new Double Pistol Case is perfect for the 1 or 2 pistol owner that wants to keep all of their shooting essentials in one place. This case features a thick tricot quilted lining to protect the inside pistol and comes with our Visual I.D. Storage System™ for Shooting Glasses, Ammo Dump Cup, Ear Plugs, and extra magazine holder. Large loop zipper pulls allow the case to be secured with a lock for legal transport. Truly one case for all the basics!

Visual I.D. Storage System™


GPS-1308PC, CASE-12, INNER-6, UPC-856056002136, PKG-HANGTAG
GPS-1308PCPK, CASE-12, INNER-6, UPC-856056002723, PKG-HANGTAG
GPS-1308PCDC, CASE-12, INNER-6, UPC-8 1976301130 3, PKG-HANGTAG
GPS-1308PCT, CASE-12, INNER-6, UPC-8 1976301097 9, PKG-HANGTAG
GPS-1308PCRK, CASE-12, INNER-6, UPC-8 1976301165 5, PKG-HANGTAG
GPS-1308PCRB, CASE-12, INNER-6, UPC-8 1976301166 2, PKG-HANGTAG


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