H.S. Pro Staff:

As far as becoming a waterfowl guide there are several things to consider…the first is, are you in close proximity to large concentrations of birds? If so, get a business plan together detailing cost of hunts. What does it include? If lodging is paid by you, where will the clients be? Are meals included? Who sets and picks up the decoys? Is bird cleaning included?
After you establish all of these it’s time to figure out how you get the word out that you are in business. You certainly will need brochures and business cards, but you need some sort of advertising to reach a broad base of hunters. Print ads (either magazine or newspaper) are the best for getting the most bang for your buck, but it’s expensive so make sure before you invest in advertising you have a clear game plan.
Another great way to advertise is through media hunts…either by entertaining outdoor writers or people that shoot video and TV shows. This is still relatively expensive because the writers will want everything (including travel) to be complimentary. The video people will usually foot the bill to get there but as a rule get the hunt, lodging, and meals complimentary also.
On that goose call to get those deeper sounds you have to open your throat. You do this by dropping the back of the tongue down. Say whoooo and pay attention to where your tongue is. Now say key and see where the tongue is. You should notice the tongue is way down in the mouth when you say whoooo. That will make a larger cavity to give more of a resonant sound.

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