Gerald Stewart’s reply:

Calling hogs sight unseen can be hit or miss unless you are in an area hogs are known to be at various times of the day. If you spot the hogs during the daylight hours, set up downwind no further away than a few hundred yards. They will not come from great distances.
If you are in an area of great hog sign (Rooting or feeding areas) or they are known to frequent daily, simply set up, preferably on an elevated spot, with good visibility and turn on your player with moderate volume. After several minutes, if nothing has shown up, increase your volume for about a minute or so and then return to where you started.
If nothing comes in after 10-15 minutes you should move on to another spot.
The CT127A Feral Hog Feeding Frenzy will attract both sexes and the CT124B Wild Piglet Distress will attract mainly females.

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