H.S. Pro Staff:

This can be a tough question with many variables. We will try to help and give it our best shot.
First, if deer are leaving sign they have to be spending some time on your place. Next, two important things to look for right now this time of year is the predominant food source that the deer are eating in your area. (This can change day-to-day). If you are in an area that has a lack of water a water source can be your best friend. Deer are like any other animal, including us, they need water everyday.

The next thing is a big variable; how much land are you hunting? If it is a large tract of land, is the habitat conducive to holding deer to your property? You need Food, Water, and Cover to hold deer. If you are lacking on a few of these aspects you may have an area that is a pass-through area and deer are not spending much time there, and maybe it is at night when these deer are in your area.

I know that there are no pinpoint answers but use some of these items to try to figure them out. Deer may not need a large tract of land to live, but they do need the three things that are mentioned above. One other thing that we need to mention is Human Pressure. If you let these deer know you or anyone else is in their home frequently they will pattern your moves and if they know that a predator is in their area they are going to stay away from it when you are there. So please hunt scent-free and tell your buddies to do the same. Best of luck.

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